Shure PG56

Shure PG56

The Shure PG56-LC is a compact drum microphone for close miking. It includes an A50D drum mic clamp, integrated stand mount, 5/8″ to 3/8″ thread adapter, and a storage bag.

MSRP: $129.99


  • Cardioid polar pattern picks up the most sound from in front of themicrophone and some sound from the sides. Less susceptible to feedback in highvolume settings.
  • Dynamic cartridge has a simple, rugged coil. Handles extreme volume levelswithout distortion.
  • Cartridge includes a neodymium magnet for high output level.
  • Tailored frequency response is smooth and extended. Tuned specifically fordrum applications.
  • Internal shock mount for reduced handling noise.
  • Durable metal construction.
  • Integral stand mount.
  • Hardened steel mesh tapered grille that resists wear and abuse.
  • Includes A50D drum mount and storage bag.


  • Microphone Type:
    Dynamic (moving coil)
  • Polar Pattern:
    Cardioid (unidirectional)
  • Frequency Response:
    50 to 15,000 Hz
  • Polarity:
    Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage onpin 2 relative to pin 3 of microphone output connector
  • Output Impedance (at 1000 Hz):
    200 ohms
  • Sensitivity (at 1000 Hz):
    -56 dBV/Pa, (1.6 mV), 1 Pascal=94 dB SPL
  • Electromagnetic Hum Sensitivity:
    26 dB equivalent SPL in a 1millioersted field (60 Hz)
  • Connector:
    Three-pin professional audio connector (male XLR type)
  • Case:
    Die cast metal housing, black matte finish; hardened silvercolored, tapered steel mesh grille; built-in locking stand adapter
  • Environmental Conditions:
    This microphone operates over a temperaturerange of -29 to 57 degrees Celsius (-20 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit), and at arelative humidity of 0 to 95%.
  • Weight:
    Net: 323 g (11.4 oz)
    Packaged: 935 g (2 lb 1 oz)

Shure A50D– Drum Microphone Mount
Shure RPM150– Replacement Microphone Cartridge for PG58.


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