Denon DJ Prime Series

Denon DJ Prime Series

Denon DJ Prime Series Unveiled at Namm 2017!

The future of Professional DJ Performance is the is slogan given to the 3 Newest Players in Town! There are two great reasons to pick up a Denon DJ Prime Series: you’re a club owner, or you demand the best possible sound from your DJ rig.

Denon DJ SC5000 Prime

The SC5000 is a high definition, multi-­touch display that enables gestures and swiping for the ultimate DJ expression and immediacy of interaction. The SC5000 analyzes music files on the fly, it has dual-­layer decks with dedicated outputs, a multi-­touch screen with easy and fast navigation, and an 8” rugged jogwheel with central display that shows current playing track or custom artwork.

Denon DJ VL12 Prime

The VL12 is an all original-­tooled turntable that combines the superb isolation, audio performance and rugged construction that are so important to the demanding professional DJ, the Denon DJ VL12 Prime carves out an absolutely unique niche for itself in this dynamic and vital market segment. It’s the ultimate DJ turntable that professionals have hoped for, but it’s actually obtainable.

Denon DJ X1800 Prime

The X1800 is a new 4-­channel DJ club mixer with creative and powerful Sweep and BPM based FX controls. True to the Denon DJ engineering heritage, the X1800 features extremely high-­quality, 24bit, 96kHz audio output, ensuring superb sound characteristics. The X1800 is perfectly suited to integrate with Denon DJ’s new SC5000 Prime media via the Engine™ Connect protocol. This shares the beatgrid and time information with the mixer, from the player, to align the FX LFOs. Denon DJ’s expressive ‘Flex-­Fader’, Crossfader adds diverse physical performance flexibility, whilst the all-­new frequency controlled ‘Band-­Isolation’ brings even more sonic manipulation possibilities to creative DJs.